Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28

Meet Splodge

12wks and 4 days 'old' and he/she is already camera shy (although you can count fingers and thumb along the side of his/her so it's a little bit cute LOL) Today we had the bestest news we could have expected to have heard. Splodge is healthy, active (had the hiccups) and growing beautifully. We don't have the full NT results but it's the best we can expect from scan results (right down to the button nose) and we're breathing a little easier. :)

I didn't take the original of today's photo - it's technically a photo of a print out, but it's an image I didn't think I'd ever ever see... and it's beautiful and it's very precious to us... I don't think any other image I could have taken today would be any more stunning to us than this :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26

6 and Out!!!

This was a once off shot... 3rd ball of the backyard cricket game today, I'd only just got my camera out and then this ball.... **wham** Aleks hit it over the roof, over the fence and into the grumpy next door neighbours yard (which ultimately means we lost the ball!!!) So no more ball = no more cricket + lots of laughs + Aleks bragging he is the best batsman in the family (today) **doh** he was the ONLY batsman in the family today LOL

It's over exposed (rather badly actually) but I kinda like the effect...

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 23


What better way to finish off a messy BBQ, than with a messy split (icecream)!!!

January 20

Aleks' New Hairstyle

Aleks got a new haircut today, he was so proud of it! It's a "surfer style" according to the hairdresser - shhhh but personally I can't see all that much difference LOL He was so pleased with it that he wanted to pose for ANOTHER photo (2nd in less than 2 weeks - somebody pinch me - this is surely not my camera shy boy!?!??!?!!)

January 17

Rocking Nappy

Today I received in the post a much longed for scrapbooking tool - an I-Rock!!!! I wanted to see how far I could push it's capabilities.. so decided to bling out one of Dommy's nappies!!! Dom LOVED it - he kept patting his sparkly butt hehehe

Behind with uploading....

But I *think* I've been able to maintain a photo a day even though I've been ill - I guess I'll find out when I edit and upload **fingers crossed**!!!!

Be prepared for a backlog of images to be uploaded ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10

Dommy and Hat

Ever taken a photo and the minute you snapped it you just knew it was a perfect shot?? Well this was one of them :) I LOVE that feeling - especially when working with a 2 year old who wants to run rather than sit ROFL :)

This image has taken less than 25 minutes from being taken to processed to uploaded here :) It just fell together and I really love how it's turned out!!! It's my baby (well not so baby anymore) boy who has stolen one of daddy's hate. I put it on the right way but he didn't like that - and yes, he's a poser in front of a camera LOL