Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28

Meet Splodge

12wks and 4 days 'old' and he/she is already camera shy (although you can count fingers and thumb along the side of his/her so it's a little bit cute LOL) Today we had the bestest news we could have expected to have heard. Splodge is healthy, active (had the hiccups) and growing beautifully. We don't have the full NT results but it's the best we can expect from scan results (right down to the button nose) and we're breathing a little easier. :)

I didn't take the original of today's photo - it's technically a photo of a print out, but it's an image I didn't think I'd ever ever see... and it's beautiful and it's very precious to us... I don't think any other image I could have taken today would be any more stunning to us than this :)

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